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Albanian Map







Tirana Practical Info

How to reach Tirana

By air

Tirana's airport, 17 km northwest from the capital, it’s the only international airport in the country. You will find at the airport ATM service, currency exchange, tourism information desk, different useful tourist guides and maps, having the first stop at Adrion Bookstore. You can buy a local SIM card at the three mobile phone companies that work in Albania.
Try to be careful with the service of transport. If you arrive at working-hours from 7.30 a.m, to 7.30 p.m, take a bus from Rinas Express service. They move according to the itinerary Rinas-Tirana-Rinas, every 1 hour. The ticket costs 250 lek (about 2 euro). Departing point of Tirana: Scanderbeg Square, behind the National Historical Museum.
If you arrive after these hours, try to take the yellow airport taxies, as an official service which use the meters and have a price of 2000-2500 lek  (about 15-20 euro). The other taxi services may be abusive.

By bus

You can get in Tirana by three points: 1: Durrësi Street, coming from Shkodra, Montenegro, Kosova and from Durrës, 2: Kavaja street, coming from every south city (Kavaja, Vlora, Saranda, Gjirokastra, Greece, Berati, Skrapari etc), 3: From Elbasani street, coming from Pogradeci, Korça, Macedonia, Greece. If you com from Greece, you will pass through the customs of Kapshtica (Korça), Kakavija (Gjirokastra), Qafe Bota (Saranda). If you come from Montenegro, you will pass through the custom of Muriqan (Shkodra). If you come from Macedonia and Kosova, you will pass through the custom of Qafthana (Pogradec). Another way to pass through, if you come from Kosova, is arriving by Kukes at Qafe Morine custom.

By  car

You will follow the same itinerary as above but must have present basic fact as:
The network national road of Albania is still under a big reconstruction, which makes not so easy the trip. Be careful of the traffic and almost the missing symbols. All the roads go to Tirana. Better slowly and safe than fast and under risk.

By sea

Arriving by ferry from Italy is perhaps the most relaxed way of entering the country. There are ferry lines from several Italian cities to the ports of Durrës, Shëngjin and Vlora. Flying to Corfu and using the daily ferry to Saranda or the summertime hydrofoils to Saranda/Himara is often the cheapest way to reach South Albania.

By train

This is only correct information, maybe for the funs of the locomotion, as a relic of the past. Albania has no international passenger trains. Weary rail arrivals from Shkodra, Durrës and Pogradec will find themselves deposited at Tirana's garden shed train station, at the northern end of Blv. Zogu I. the lines are slowly, the trip is not so comfortable, often frequented by people who want to spend cheaply or have no money. Anyway if you want to enjoy this adventure, you will find everyday train departures from Tirana central station.
For any question or request, please contact:
Tirana International Airport, Rinas, Tirana;                     
Tel:; Fax: +355 42 381 545; info@tirana-airport.com; www.tirana-airport.com
ATM, banks, telephone booths, business lounge
1-     Intesa Sanpaolo ATM-Dual currency. 2- Procredit Bank
2-     ATM-ALL currencies. 3- Procredit Bank branch. Check in hall
3-     Banka Kombetare Tregtare (BKT) Foreign exchange agencies:
4-     Contact: + 355 4 2384 963
Telephone booth -Opposite check-in hall
Opposite check-in hall. A 24-hour service
1-     Arrivals. A 24-hour service­
2-     Arrivals and Check in hall.
Telephone booth- Arrivals
Multimedia kiosks-telephony-internet - Departures
 Business Lounge. Departure area. Contact:+ 355 4 2381 569
We would recommend that passengers use only licensed taxis, which are grey with a red ATEx logo and the airport logo on both sides of the vehicle. At the airport, these taxis park in front of the terminal.
Phone: +355 4 2256 344, +355 4 2233 419; Mob: 68 20 49 598; 069 40 000 30; 067 20 75 588