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Albanian Map







You have to present your passport in all the border points. The citizens of the following countries: European Community member countries,  E.F.T.A. member countries,
U.S.A., Canada, Turkey, Bulgaria are allowed to enter the territory of the Republic of Albania without being the need to be equipped with visa.
The citizens of above mentioned countries pay an entry fee at the border point.
There are exempted from the payments of entry fee and visa service tax the citizens of other countries for the cases when by Government Agreement between the Republic of Albania and the state (whose nationality bears the person applying for visa) has been defined other wise, or when these states do not ask for any payment for the granting of visas to Albanian citizens.
Customs Formalities
All personal goods, new or old, are exempted from customs duties or other subject taxes. Despite that, they are checked up and inspected.
It is prohibited the import and export from the territory of Albania of goods and merchandise jeopardizing the protection of public order, social security, as well as those articles (old paintings, icons, archaeological objects, etc.) whose export is defined by special law.
It is allowed the import in small quantities for personal use of tobacco, alcoholic beverages and perfume.
 The Albanian currency is LEK. The banknotes are of 5000, 1000, 500, 200 and 100. Coins are in denominations of lek 100,50,20,10,5 and 1

Currency Exchange: Many exchange bureaus available throughout the country. The exchange rate is 1 USD = 95 Lek, 1 Euro = 126 Lek subject to daily exchange.

Credit Cards: American Express, Diners Club and Visa, Euro/Master Card, Visa Electron are accepted.
Banking Hours: Monday to Friday:
08.30 a.m. to 3.00 p.m.    
Information for foreign visitors wishing to visit Albania
In the territory of the Republic of Albania you may enter through 26 border crossing point  some of which are below:
Air 1
Sea 4
Land 13
By air
All flights pass through Rinas Airport, rinas@mrp.gov.al, tel / fax: 0355 4 2365913 
International Airport "Mother Teresa" is situated 17 km northwest of Tirana. The city of Tirana is linked with the airport by bus service. Departure for the airport is made from "Skënderbeg" Square every one an hour to the airport and costs approximately 2 euros. Taxi service also operates and costs 20 euros. Airport "Mother Teresa" has various shops and the service is 24 hours.
Tel. 355 42 379 053 / 4 / info@tirana-airport.com.
Office declaring losses Tel. 355 69 20 666 26.
Website: http://www..tirana-airoport.com.al

By sea 

Albania can also be entered through its main ports. Some foreign companies conducting regular services in the ports are as follows:
The port of Durres.
Relates to the Italian ports of Bari, Brindisi, Ancona, Trieste and Koperin in Slovenia. Tel. 00 355 52 2202 8 There is a 24 hour service.
Port of Saranda
Daily movements performed with the island of Corfu.
Tel. 00 355 732 2734 / 0732 2734.
Services performed by 22:00 pm.
Port of Vlora
Relates to Brindisi and Otranto, Tel. 00 355 33 235 61 / 29 417,
Fax: 00 355 33 2941 7.
Services performed until 22:00 pm.

At border crossing points

One of the border crossing point from which you can enter in the northern part of Albania is Morina which enables connection of Kukes-Albania to Prishtina-Kosovo. With the newborn state of Europe we have 123 km borderline.
Morine border crossing point, morine@mrp.gov.al
In the territory of the Republic of Albania you may also enter from Greece with which we share 349 km borderline. Access to Albania is made through these border crossing points as follows 
Through Kapshtica and later in Korca, in the border crossing point service operates 24 hours. pkkkapshtic@mrp.gov.al
Through Kakavija, you may enter in Gjirokaster, the service operates 24 hours. kakavije@mrp.gov.al
Through Qafe Boti - Konispol relating to Fila, customs services are performed here until 22:00 pm, qafebot@mrp.gov.al, tel / fax: 0355 26 29 00 70
• Through Three Bridges relating Përmeti with Konica. Here customs services are performed until 22:00. treurat@mrp.gov.al
With the neighboring state of Montenegro we have 220 km of borderline and may enter the territory of Albania through the border crossing points as follows:
Through the Hani Hotit and Murriqan-Sukobina you may enter in the town of Shkoder and Shkodra Lake. Customs Services are performed until 22:00. hanihotit@mrp.gov.al, muriqan@mrp.gov.al, tel / fax: 0355 26 29 00 70
• You can now enter from Vermosh, from where you may be linked to the region of Kelmendi in Albania and Plava Gucia - Montenegro. Services are performed until 22:00 pm.
Albania has some border crossing points that enable connection with another country of the region as Macedonia and which we share 186 km borderline.
Through Qafe Thana we relate to Pogradec, Elbasan and Librazhd. Customs serves until 22.00. qafethane @ mrp.gov.al, tel / fax: 0355 8 326 166
From Tushemisht, to southeast of Ohrid Lake, in direction of Pogradec. Services are performed by customs until 22:00, tushemisht@mrp.gov.al
From Blladë, in the direction of Peshkopia or Bulqiza and Burreli. Services are performed by customs until 22:00. pkkbllade@mrp.gov.al
• From Gorica the road heads north of Prespa Lake. Customs services perform actions until 19:00. goric@mrp.gov.al
Through bus service you can also move through cities:
Tirana - Tetovo, Macedonia through Qafe Thana.
Tirana - Prishtina and other towns in Kosovo through Morina.
Korce - Thessaloniki, Greece, through Kapshtica.
Tirana - Athens, through Kakavija.
Tirana - Sofia - Bulgaria, and Istanbul from Qafe Thana.