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If you are already in Albania, just enter to the first bookstore in every city, and ask about travel guides, Albanian Blue Line, Albanian Green Line, Touring in Tirana, maps for Albania and the main cities, as Tirana, Shkodra, Durresi, Vlora, etc.

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10 Destinations you shouldn't miss if you visit Albania

Best Albanian Accomodation
Sheraton Rogner Europapark Tirana International Sky Hotel Grand Hotel Tirana Mondial Hotel Hotel Europa Hotel Akropol Hotel Apollonia Hotel Dolce Vita Hotel Iliria Hotel Colosseo Paradise Beach Hotel Vlora International Dajti Belvedere Hotel Hotel Alvero Hotel De Paris Hotel Airport Tirana Hotel Bahamas
Best Albanian Gastronomy
Sofra e Ariut Sky Club Juvenilja Castle Far East Restaurant Piazza Durres & Airport Restorant Gloria Restorant Rozafa Casa della Pasta Fish Restaurant Restorant Vila 100 Ballkoni i Dajtit Kompleksi Taiwan Steak House