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About Blue Albania

Blue Albania is a website where you may find everything you need to know about Albania.  More than 400 accommodation choices, allover Albania, for every category and request, starting from rural guesthouses, and finishing with the best Albanian 5 stars hotels. You can discover preliminarily, every destination, in nature, history, archaeology, culture, traditions, Albanian cuisine, interesting events etc.

If you want to be informed, about prices, tours, trips, whether, travel agencies and everything else which can help you, don’t hesitate to explore this complete website and be equipped with the necessary information, before visiting Albania

We have accumulated already a long experience, and we think we are able to propose you what we know and what we  offer already. If something of what we dispose can help you, we would be very happy.

Who are we?

The staff who works about Blue Albania and every other tourist product accompanied by the logo “BLUE EDITIONS”, is a group of people, passionate in the field of tourism, fond of beautiful things, responsible about what they offer  and publish, friendly to whom want to help and collaborate and always ready to listen about request and suggestions.

This initiative was born on the year 2005, as a small trying, to offer to the people information about Albania. We started to publish (on the January of 2006),  first, a simple catalog about the Albanian accommodation structures, some tourist information about the attractions of the Albanian Coastline, which could help the tourist to be better informed. After we published the gastronomic guide Tirana Food & Drink (on March 2006 was the first edition), a small pleasant catalog, which offered alternatives about the gastronomic world of the Albanian capital. On the April of 2007 we published the first green guide about Albania, titled Albanian Green Line. This guide offered the beauties of the Albanian nature, green destinations, rural tourism, the first structures who offer accommodation in the green areas etc.

Today we have published already the 5-th edition of the Albanian Blue Line – the guide for the coastline in Albania, the 4-th edition of Albanian Green Line – the guide about the Albanian nature, Albania Food and Drink – the guide about the restaurants allover Albania, the 5-th edition of the guide of Tirana, which today became into a pocket tourist guide about the Albanian capital.

To help the people, we have published maps about Albania, Tirana, Durresi, Shkodra, Vlora, and we are working to complete a long list about the main cities of Albania.

We have started to open the first tourist information offices in Vlora and in Durres, collaborating with the Municipalities of these cities. We also collaborate with the state tourist offices in Tirana, Saranda, Orikum (Vlora), Shkodra etc.

Everything we publish, comes out from serious sources of Albanian Tourism Office, Ministry of the Environment, foreign Associations who work and help in the field of tourism. (See the links on the first page).

We are ready to collaborate with everyone who thinks that can offer their help and knowledge in our work. We accept every suggest and remark made by you, to improve and fortify everything we offer about Albania


Our Collaborators


Text Authors

Ilirjan Gjika - journalist

Skender Sala - Geographer

Perikli Qiriazi - Geographer




Alket Islami

Aurel Duka

Alex Selimaj

Arian Gace

Bardhok Ndoj

Igli Pustina

Shlezen Rexha