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Ballkoni i Dajtit

The restaurant is operating since 2007. Restaurant offers a comfortable place, very nice and serene spaces with the pleasure of a wonderful view that offers Mountain of Dajti-where Tirana seems to be in the palm of the hand and sunset is amazing. The place outside the restaurant offers an alavaible space for children through the place  of games. Also the outside environment of the restaurant offers a place for families or different groups that like to organize picnic or barbeque in nature.
This place is created to be one of the most known and best  restaurants in Tirana that offers tradition  food. If you want to feel more pleasure, fun, quality and a very good service, come and visit restaurant “Balcony of Dajti”. This is where you will  fund space, service and a very good dinning based on tradition and a wonderful location all together. With a strategic  location in a touristy place, with contemporary and classic décor, appropriate for winter and summer season, we are here to add quality to your festive occasions and simplify your busy life.




Parku Kombetar i Dajtit, Stacioni i Siperm i teleferikut