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Restorant Sofra e Ariut

Everyone of you may dream about the fresh air of the forest, the flowers, the rustle of the water through the stones, the movement of wild animals and above all, everyone of you want to enjoy delicious food, on warm atmosphere and friendy staff.

Don’t’ dream, Come to Sofra e Ariut and find everything you dreamed before, green nature, flowers, animals, water rustle and the marvelous atmosphere where the Albanian traditional cuisine comes served from a friendly staff, dressed with characteristic traditional suites.

The  Albanian’s traditional cuisine products, where particularly dominate meat plates and above all, hunting cuisine, are cooked, grow at healthy ambiences of the restaurant. In common with diversity plates, you can also appreciate live music, every night. Offers VIP saloons and luxurious banquet booking.

Specialty: Second plates, where dominates baked meat accompanied from special garniture.

Wines: All the Albanian  wines, from well-known and artisanship wine-growing, but  you can also find the best international wines.

Address: At river hills, near by Presidencial Palace.




Phone:  04 37 29 04;