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Restorant Rozafa

Fish restaurant.

Who is fond of the Italian cuisine, fish cooking, of fresh pasta and above all, who is fond of the seafood, should come at least once to the Rozafa Restaurant, to enjoy the dishes of this place, cooked with passion and love from the chef, with an endless fantasy. The seafood comes from the depth of the Albanian waters directly at your table.

The Mediterranean cuisine, cooked according the Italian menu, the famous fish always fresh and full of varieties,  are accompanied from the most famous and quality wines in the world, well selected from the staff, to make the meals more tasteful.

The magic atmosphere will send you back in time if you are an art lover. The sweet sound of the piano, will create unforgettable moments of live music, because the tradition of art, has been injected in every element of this magic place.

To spend some moments at Rozafa Restaurant means to give to yourself the pleasure of living.

Next to the classic restaurant, Rozafa offers to you a popular restaurant where you can enjoy all the dishes of the seafood, fresh pasta and various types of pizzas.

You can also book for your family events ordering through this number: 042 24 86 70




Adresa: Rr. “Luigj Gurakuqi”; Tel: 04 22 27 86;