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Albanian Map







Restorant House of kings

At about 5600 m2 greenness, you will enjoy the pleasure of entertainment center, equipped with green environments, close to the nature, beside of Erzeni Valley.  You can enjoy already the freshness of the swimming-pools, for adults and children, as well as the pleasure of the meals at the large veranda beside the valley, experiencing an amazing panorama of the zone.

 The restaurant offers Italian cuisine and Albanian one with all sorts of plates.  The meal is cooked on gridiron, spit and wood bake-house. Italian specialties are the best of the zone around Tirana.

Specialty: Bake-House wild sucking-pig.

Wines: Albanian, Italian, French and Slovenian as well as offers open wine. too.Very soon you will find this place a real resort. Close to the water of Erzeni River, there are growing up, small stony villas, which will be the best choice of your weekends. Near of, will be the large restaurant, which naturally will offer to you delicious dishes of our cuisine and Italian specialties.Other services: Air conditioned, pools for adults and children, outdoor bar, heating, playground, parking place.




 Tiranë-Elbasan, km 7; Mob: +355 69 40 57 777