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Restorant Ujvara

Welcome to Ujvara Restaurant, where every dish is a masterpiece and can be tasted among the beauties of the nature, springs, trees, and flowers, looking like a small paradise, where the Chef has a long experience and makes you to enjoy every piece of food. Our cuisine is typical Mediterranean, and everything is cooked is organic and fresh. Every year we change the menu to give you more choices and pleasure. We have selected a rich list of world wines, adding also the wine in glasses.

The reservation are fundamental at the restaurant because Ujvara is listed among the exclusive establishments with high quality and standard which is recommended and should be visited. Big celebrities come to  visit Ujvara enjoying the spots, the cuisine and all the gifts of the mother nature, taking back the best photos from the place.

The main hall is offered also for your important family events. Let us make these events unforgettable. With our menu and the modern open cooking place, Ujvara becomes naturally the choice of everyone, being welcomed with the home-made brad.

What makes us special is the olive oil from Borshi olive-trees, which gives to the dishes, delicious taste. We are opened from 7.00 A.M. to 24.00 P.M.

But if the youth want to spend all the night at our company, we have offered to them The Millennium Club, with various cocktails and a talented DJ for long entertainment.


This restaurant is partner of ABS (American Business Group)  Nr. 1 at the importing of American products, alcoholic (and not) drinks, wood constructing materials travel agencies field, pubs, supermarkets, and the line of French sandwich SAMWAY